"AnythingMarcovanEck portret2 zwwit 200x300 that lights en excites my mind is worth photographing."

My name is Marco van Eck, born in 1972 in The Netherlands.

I took my first steps in photography in 2011 and most of my spare time goes into it.

After following several courses and workshops I think I have a good base to work from. From time to time I still follow a workshop if I think it can improve my skills or if I really like the work of the photographer.

My focus is the female form where beauty and expression come first. I don't like to put my work in categories but I think it mostly comes down to portraits, boudoir, artistic nudes and glamour. Currently I'm trying to focus on the artistic side of my photography.

Next to photography I like to walk around in nature and just relax.

Although I like to keep things as simple as possible I often use portable artificial light to light a scene. I like to work in a studio from time to time but I don't own my own and I will rent one when needed. That said I prefer shooting in nature or in available buildings. For me personally the results are more exciting then the walls of a studio.


I'm active in several photography related forums and social media groups. Been the curator of the Ello Artistic Nude Photography community since 2015 which you can find here.


My portfolio always needs fresh work.

If you're a model and you would like to cooperate in making something beautiful please let me know and maybe we can work together. I also have some moodboards ready to go if you'd rather hear my idea's.

If you're a starting or new model please read my tips on how to prepare for a shoot.

Please let me know when you're interested. See the contact page for the details.

I'm also looking for some more MUA's and en (hair)stylists to work with on a regular base.


A few models I worked with in the past as a reference.

I've joined several websites to show my work and find people to work with. Below are two of them, you can also find more references on these sites.